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Jack he runs into Phyllis, who abruptly walks by. Adam presses Heather to get him out of a meeting with the FBI agent but she she can't.

After she leaves, Adam tells his story about the diary and signs the statement. As he does so, he spots a handcuffed Frank the forger being brought in.

Nikki offers her help as Jill chats with the funeral director about Kay but Jill coldly turns down her offer. Nikki apologizes and when the director opens the casket, she comments that she doesn't "look herself."

As Daniel tries to comfort a devastated Amber, she decides it will be her gift to get Kay's autobiography published in her honor.

She calls the original publisher and lies that she has another one who wants the book. Jill learns about the deal she made and demands every copy of the manuscript.

When Ana returns with Tyra and Gil, Karen's concerned to hear Neil twice urge Tyra to be careful and take her time with a relationship with Gil.

She later accepts his marriage proposal. Phyllis returns home and finds Jack waiting. He asks if she's noticed the closeness between their spouses.

He tells her he saw them embracing at the Abbott mansion but she orders him to get out. After he leaves, she collapses in tears.

Adam frantically calls Jack about Frank and Jack learns he was arrested for "check kiting." Adam worries he'll "talk" to get the charges dropped.

In Paris, Ashley assures Victor that she wants to be with him and urges him to come home to Genoa City and clear his name. Instead, Victor says goodbye and leaves only to return as she starts packing.

Back home, Sharon thanks Nick for showing her around Paris.

Seeing Heather's engagement ring, Paul asks about it.

She defends her love for Adam but he stops her and tells her how happy he is for her. Nick goes home and kisses Phyllis passionately.

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