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Kevin and Jana can't attend the memorial service because of a water leak in the basement of the Crimson Lights. Adam learns that Frank's going to jail again unless he gives the police something juicy.

When Heather approaches Kevin for her coffee order, he talks about Kay's tragic death and then wonders aloud about what would happen to any missing money.

She explains that any money found after a death would go to relatives.

Jana worries to Kevin how they'll afford to pay to fix the leak. When the plumber shuts off the water and instructs them to close for the day, Kevin okays Jana's request to get to the church.

Before he leaves, he checks Kay's cash he's been hiding in the safe. Murphy finds Kay lying in the ravine and realizes that she's alive.

As she wakes, Kay asks who he is.

He reminds her that he's her friend Murphy and wants to take her to the hospital. She refuses to go so he takes her back to his place but she doesn't recognize it.

Victor ignores everyone staring at him as the funeral service gets underway. Victoria and Nick worry that their father may be arrested after the service. Brock steps up and delivers the eulogy, describing Kay in glowing terms. Jill is thrilled when Liz Foster arrives at the church.

Jack stares daggers at the back of Victor and angrily looks at Ashley when she notices him. Liz gets up to say a few words about her special friend.

She's followed by Billy, Cane, Amber, Esther, and finally Jill who regrets she didn't say the many things she had to say to Kay earlier.

Devon and Ana sing "Amazing Grace" to end the service. As Victor leaves holding Ashley's hand, Jack stares daggers at his sister.

Michael asks Nick about Victor and learns he had a car waiting and is gone. Out to celebrate, Heather warns Adam to save the money from his book advance since the Newman's will probably challenge the validity of the diary.

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