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Noah gives Eden her necklace he retrieved in Paris. As Kay decides to leave, Murphy asks where she's going and sends her to the bathroom to shower.

Sharon's upset as Nick complains about Victor's return. Based on her non-reaction to his arrival, he guesses that Ashley knew Victor was coming back.

When Nikki worries that Victor went back to the ranch where her things are, Victoria and J.T. offer to go check. At the ranch, Victor tells Ashley that she is his family now.

Stella interrupts and explains that Nikki re-hired her. Victor assures her she can stay but asks her to pack Nikki's things. At the Athletic Club friends and family members trade stories about Kay.

Lily congratulates Neil and Karen after they admit they're engaged. Guessing they didn't get Kay's stock, Jack ends his partnership with Gloria and Jeffrey.

Later, Gloria learns she's in Kay's will. Curious to find all of Victor's family at the Athletic Club, Michael decides to go look for Victor.

Brad arrives at the reception and tells Heather and Adam that Victor is back in town. Heather complains to Paul that he didn't tell her and runs out.

Liz confides to Jill that she's glad she told her the truth so that Jill and Kay could have time together before her tragic accident. Lauren resents it when Sharon tries to blame Eden for Noah's troubles.

Showing photos of Fenmore, Lauren apologizes to Traci for the horrible things she did to her while growing up.

Touched by her words, Traci claims Kay would be proud of her.

As Lily congratulates Cane for his speech at the service, Billy and Chloe watch them together.

Victoria embraces her father at the ranch and apologizes for what she did to him and Sabrina. She also warns him the police are looking for him. Victor asks her not to worry.

As J.T. advises him there are things he must do, Michael arrives.

Boasting that he is back to stay, Victor announces that he wants him to prove his innocence and denies that he wrote a diary.

Michael mentions Adam claims to have found it. Just then, Heather arrives.

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