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Noah and Eden stop kissing when Jack and Sharon return to the mansion. After Eden slips out, Sharon warns her son to stay away from Eden.

Noah resents her blaming his friend for his trouble in Paris but Sharon won't back down. Jack's on the phone with Adam, pleading with him to stick with their story.

Michael offers to bring Victor to the station house but Heather insists he be cuffed and taken in by the officer.

After Paul tells Nikki he's arranged for a room for her at the Athletic Club, Nick advises them that Victor has decided to stay at the ranch.

Phyllis warns Nick that Brad told Heather that his father was back in town. Phyllis overhears Brad talking to Traci about the unavailable woman he can't have.

Getting a call from Inspector Cisneros in Mexico, Phyllis is surprised to hear Jack was there. Checking his expense report, Phyllis learns that he lied to Sharon about his trip and that he hired an escort.

Running into Nick, Adam insists the diary is real and calls Victor a thug who deserves to be in jail. Nick punches him. Nick returns to the ranch to get Nikki's things and learns about the arrest.

Nikki asks Paul to investigate the suspicious diary and they both agree that Adam must have had help to "pull this off."

At the station house Victor reminds Heather that she was wrong about Ji Min and she's wrong again. Nick arrives and tells his father that he and Victoria both know he couldn't have killed anyone.

Victor reacts to hear he punched Adam. Michael overhears Adam making plans to leave town, With two thugs by his side, Michael informs Adam that Victor wants to see him now.

Victor insists there was no diary but when Adam starts to argue, Victor tells him he is dead to him and vows to "crush" him. Ashley updates Nikki about Victor and warns that he still blames her for Sabrina's death.

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