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Chloe and Amber spot Abby with her friend Daisy at the bar and offer to buy them "drinks." Chance asks for IDs and laughs at their fakes.

Chloe assures him they're nonalcoholic drinks.

Mac wants nothing to do with Billy.

After turning down Chloe's request to spend time with her after closing, Chance runs into Ashley and reveals that Abby and her friend just left.

Ashley catches her at the Crimson Lights, arguing with Eden and takes her daughter home.

Back at the office, Victoria's given a note from J.T. revealing he's decided to accept the New York job offer and doubts that she wants to save their marriage.

She runs to her father and mother and offers to resign because of the article about her and Deacon.

Bringing Summer trick-or-treating at Sharon's, Nick's not pleased to find Adam there with her.

Later, Phyllis urges him to go warn Sharon if he thinks Adam spending time with her is a bad idea.

At the ranch, Victor places Nick in charge of Newman after Victoria announces that she's leaving town too.

He also warns Adam not to "misbehave."

Adam confronts Phyllis about Nick's anger towards him where Sharon is concerned. He's taken aback when Phyllis claims she won't tell her husband to back off.

Billy surprises Chloe with a kiss, unaware Chance is watching. Chloe later sends Billy on his way. Victor surprises J.T. at the airport and insists they'll make their marriage work.

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The Young and the Restless
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