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Amber boasts to Kevin that Kay left her enough money to do whatever she wants. Billy asks Chloe to tell Cane he's got to go.

When Cane returns, a curious Chloe convinces him to go shopping with her. Tyra is noticeably affected when Karen and Neil announce to her and Ana that they are engaged.

After Tyra offers her congratulations, Lily leaves for a date and Devon leaks that she's meeting her online friend Sonny for the first time.

When Michael asks Gloria to sign a document recanting her years-ago statement against River, she refuses because she's concerned about her public image now.

After telling Ashley that it's time to take back Jabot, Jack reminds Gloria that while she'll head the company, he'll be in charge.

When Ashley finds out that Gloria will be a "partner," Ashley angrily tells Jack she wants no part of this but eventually allows herself to be talked into giving him her proxy.

Gloria stops by the Crimson Lights and tells Kevin that she has everything she wants now, thanks to him and promises him a reward.

As they watch them, Amber tells Daniel she thinks Gloria paid Kevin to cause Kay's death. Daniel denies Kevin had anything to do with a rainy night and a bad decision but Amber decides to follow Kevin when he goes out.

When he returns, Kevin surprises Jana with a new scooter. Michael and River meet with the federal prosecutor about the case and are told that if Michael can get Gloria to recant her statement, he'll reconsider dropping the charges. River insists Gloria will do so.

Billy arrives at the bookstore and is not pleased when Chloe brings Cane. He tries to force her to leave but his threat to tell Cane causes her to threaten to tell Lily about them.

Billy finds Cane talking with Lily who thought he was Sonny.

He suggests to Lily that her online date may have left after seeing them together because it's obvious she still loves Cane.

Later, as she hugs Billy, Cane watches.

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