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Phyllis advises Brad that Sharon's marriage is falling apart. When he asks why, she admits that she needs to keep Sharon away from Nick.

Brad turns down the offer but later runs into Sharon at the Athletic Club bar and offers to listen to her problems.

Facing the FBI agent and Heather, Jack admits he knows Adam and felt sorry for him after Victor kicked him out.

After watching Tyra leave with her date, Neil tells Olivia that he's not sure the cop is good enough for Tyra.

Surprisingly, Olivia then urges her to cancel his marriage plans with Karen because there is no spark like the excitement she knows he has with Tyra.

Karen interrupts and, after Olivia leaves, Neil offers her an engagement ring. During her date, Tyra invites Gil to come to Thanksgiving dinner at Neil's. He accepts and kisses her.

At the jail Victor accuses Nikki of bringing the journal from Mexico to the ranch. She denies it and announces that she is fed up with him after all she has done and walks out.

She returns to Paul's place where she announces she is done with Victor.

As the two talk about how they met, words lead to a kiss and the two eventually end up in bed together.

Nick accuses Adam of working with Jack to set up his father and warns that he should "cut a deal first" before Jack does.

Sharon returns home to Jack after he has warned Adam to "chill out," and offers to give their marriage one more chance.

Confirming she still loves him, Sharon asks Jack to confess anymore secrets but he lies that he has none.

Adam panics when Heather claims Jack's demeanor was suspicious so she's going to keep investigating.

Brad advises Phyllis that he's changed his mind and will help her with Sharon.

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