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Nick asks the priest about his father and learns an American woman was just asking about him. Calling Nikki, he learns it was Ashley - who follows a lead about Victor in Paris.

Admitting he's hurting for money, Kevin urges Gloria to make her Jabot deal happen soon. Michael does more research and uncovers the fact that in spite of her claim that she didn't talk to the police about River, years ago Gloria did so in exchange for cash.

He confronts her with the tape and though she tries to deny it's her, an outraged Michael screams at her that he put up with beatings from Tom as did Kevin because she wanted money.

Crying, Gloria claims that the police threatened to take Michael away from her if she didn't cooperate.

But when Michael tells his father what happened years ago, River's unfazed and points out Gloria would do anything to protect their son.

As she arrives, she hears River tell Michael that she forgives her for what she did. Gloria hugs him and he claims he still loves her.

Neil tells Karen that he's in love with her and suggests they can adopt if they want their own family. Hearing this, Olivia assures Karen that Neil is a man of his word.

Later, when Officer Wallace comes in to invite Tyra out to a "police function," Karen notices Neil's not pleased to see the guy.

Finding Marge drunk at Murphy's place, Kay promises to get her into rehab but begs off until she runs some errands.

Getting enough cash to take care of Marge, Kay stops by the Crimson Lights where she calls her friend and then mistakenly leaves her bag behind after forgetting to give Amber her cellphone back.

Kevin opens her bag and finds it filled with cash.

When the model for the next issue refuses to come to the States for a photo session, Phyllis decides to hire a photographer and go to Paris herself where she can surprise Nick.

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