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Ashley gets nowhere in Paris, looking for Victor. Nikki and Jill argue about Kay submiting to today's testing until Kay's memory slips and Nikki sends her in to the doctor.

Nikki demands that Jill leave but then calmer heads prevail and the two ask the doctor if they can delay the tests for a day to give Kay a chance to get used to the idea of being tested.

Kay calls Marge and realizes she's been drinking again.

She promises her friend she'll be right over.

Later, Jill is concerned to find Kay is missing.

Daniel gets a call about putting on another show of his sketches. Handing him the lease to the penthouse apartment, Phyllis offers to buy Billy's collection of Daniel's sketches of Amber.

Refusing to tell Amber anything about the money in the bag, Kevin considers what to tell Jana about his treasure.

Sensing his obsession with money, Jana assures him that she only wants and needs him. Kevin calls Kay to tell her about leaving the bag with the money at the coffeehouse but Marge has her cell and tells Kevin she doesn't know what he's talking about.

After Amber tells him about the cash she saw, Daniel agrees to find out where Kevin got it.

Phyllis interrupts and boasts that she got the sketches of Amber back for them because she's trying to be a good mom.

He invites himself to tag along with her on her trip to France but she wants to go by herself. After a call, Daniel tells Amber the cash Kevin had was from the Crimson Lights for the week but Amber remains suspicious.

Billy answers messages from Lily as they both go to the online dating service for a chat. She apologizes for running out the other night before they could meet and suggests they try again.

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