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Adam warns Jack that Heather told him the FBI wants to interview him about the diary. Jack poses as the interrogator and questions Adam.

He's impressed by his answers and his demeanor while Adam suggests that if they find out the diary is forged, he'll claim he didn't know.

Later, a vision of John warns Jack that his scheme has cost him his marriage. In France, Nick and Sharon meet at a cafe where she worries about how tired he looks. He admits he's had no luck finding his father.

Heading to Notre Dame, Ashley is surprised to find Victor watching her. Bored by their class tour, Eden confides to Noah that her mother was born there but died.

She invites him to leave their group and see the cool places on their own. Hoping to surprise him, Phyllis enters Nick's hotel room.

Kevin calls Kay's phone again but reaches a drunk Marge and can't understand anything she says. Kay picks her up outside the bar where Jeffrey has been watching the Kay lookalike.

She takes her to Murphy's place for some clothes.

There, she remembers she doesn't have the cash she needs and that Marge left her phone at the bar. Marge mumbles that someone named Kevin's been calling about money.

Kay calls Nikki and reassures her that she is helping a friend and will take the tests tomorrow. Kevin decides to take the money to Kay but then changes his mind.

Kay calls him and instructs him to bring her the money. After Jeffrey advises Gloria that Kay is drunk, Jill comes looking for her mother and is stunned by Gloria's news.

When Nikki calls to reassure her, Jill orders her to meet her at the bar. There, Jeffrey vows to prove Kay was there drinking. Meanwhile, as it starts raining hard, Kay drives Margo to rehab but ends up crashing the car.

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