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Neil pleads with Lily to stop when she speaks of moving back with Cane.

Devon agrees with their father but Lily insists this is her decision to make and leaves with Cane.

Tyra arrives and realizes that Devon told Neil about them.

She apologizes but Neil blames himself for allowing his family to fall apart. Tyra asks if there is a chance they can get back together but Neil states that he's focusing on Lily right now.

Cane offers Lily the bedroom while he sleeps on the couch.

Victoria tells J.T. that Mac's been helping Mary Jane who she thought was a homeless person. She starts to call her father but J.T. stops her because he thinks that Victor brought Mary Jane to town.

The two argue as she accuses him of trying to turn her against her father.

Later, Victor's man follows J.T. and Colleen as he gives her a ride home. The security man snaps photos of J.T. kissing Colleen.

Hearing the D.A. is not going to drop the charges against Daniel, Amber admits that she slept with Deacon to save Daniel.

Lauren warns her not to do that again. Amber decides to go after Deacon but Michael and Lauren claim it's a terrible idea.

Ryder boasts to a smug Deacon that he's already set up Kevin and later approaches him at the Crimson Lights where Kevin is bury celebrating his 1st wedding anniversary with Jana.

Though a suspicious Daniel urges Kevin to go be with his wife, Kevin offers advice to Ryder who later confides that he killed someone.

Celebrating the sale of the painting, Victoria orders a bottle of champagne for Deacon and accompanies him to his room where he kisses her.

Outside, Amber knocks on the door and, shedding phony tears, cries out for Deacon's help.

Daniel warns Jana that he followed Ryder from Deacon's room and won't allow her to warn Kevin just yet.

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