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Victor and Ashley argue about Abby and Colleen. When she doesn't open her bedroom door, Victor kicks it in only to realize she was sleeping.

When she panics that he might take her baby away because he thinks she's losing her mind, Victor insists he would never do that.

After they kiss, J.T. pulls back and tells Colleen that while he'll always look out for her, he is married to Victoria.

Abby arrives and spots J.T. leaving. She presses Colleen until she admits that she and J.T. kissed.

As Victoria hides in another room, Amber rushes into Deacon's hotel suite and cries that Daniel has kicked her out and she has no place to go.

He asks her to go downstairs while he finishes with a client. Victoria tells Deacon the kiss was a mistake and heads downstairs.

Encouraged by Jana, Daniel calls Victoria to meet about Deacon.

Insisting that he killed a man in self-defense, Ryder tells Kevin that he was abused when he was growing up and has told this to him because he trusts him.

Jana late warns Kevin that she thinks Ryder is "playing him" but Kevin doesn't believe her and calls him to come back to see him.

During their date, Chloe spots Amber and invites her to join her and Chance. He's curious to hear she broke up with Daniel and that a murder may have been involved.

Amber heads back upstairs after a call from Deacon. Daniel shows Victoria the photos of Deacon and explains that he's framing him for murder.

She can't believe it but he insists it's true and warns her to stay away. J.T. finds Victoria and the two agree not to talk about Victor.

Daniel confronts Deacon in his room and spots Amber ready for sex.

The two fight until Daniel is arrested by Chance who later lets him go. When she complains about Daniel's legal problems, Deacon asks Amber to marry him.

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The Young and the Restless
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