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Talking about her upcoming chemo, Lily tells Cane she doesn't want to lose her hair. However, she then decides to shave her head.

Deacon warns her about leaving, but Amber walks out and boasts that she is going to prove her boyfriend innocent.

Mac and Billy arrive at the Athletic Club and spot Chloe with Chance who confirms they're on a date. After Mac and Billy leave, Chance points out that it's obvious to him that Chloe is still "hung up on" Billy.

He kisses her passionately but warns that he won't date her on the rebound. Meanwhile, after sex, Mac tells Billy that it's obvious to her that he still has some issues with Chloe.

Kevin asks Ryder point blank if he's working with Deacon and if he shot the man in the alley. Ryder reluctantly confirms he shot Thomas Balfour but claims he did it because he couldn't take the pressure anymore, adding that the dead man was a friend of his father's.

After Ryder talks about his father Tom and what he used to do to him, Kevin offers to get him legal help. Daniel's upset to see Amber is staying with Michael and Lauren.

He tells Michael that Amber was just with Deacon which upsets him and Lauren. As Daniel leaves, Amber tells him that she'll always love him.

Kevin asks Michael to represent Ryder who could help clear Daniel.

He also suggests that Ryder may be his brother. Meanwhile, Ryder calls Deacon to set up a reason for them to have met in his room.

Amber tells Deacon that if he gets all charges dropped against Daniel, she'll marry him.

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