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Heather and Chance argue about what to do about Patty. Paul warns Heather how his sister was victimized. Paul goes outside to talk with the media.

Finding her doing nails at a salon, Gloria assures Jill that she knows that you must do what you can when times are tough.

Jill asks what it's going to cost for her silence.

After running into Mac who leaks that Billy and Chloe are signing the divorce papers, Lily reminds Cane how he lied to her about the paternity of the baby.

She wonders if she can trust him again, questioning even the cattle rustling story he told her earlier.

At the mediator's office, Billy asks for time to consider signing the papers. Chloe tells him that if he has any doubts, they should postpone this.

Though the mediator presses him to sign, Billy continues to wait but Chloe walks out, telling Billy it's up to him.

She later advises Mac about the delay and when Mac accuses her of stalling, Chloe stuns her with the news that it's actually Billy who is having second thoughts.

Mac finds Billy drinking and tells him that she's not sure if he doesn't sign. After she leaves, Billy reluctantly signs the papers.

When Jack hears Jeffrey on the phone, pleading with Gloria to hurry back to help him with Mary Jane, Jeffrey boasts that he intends to find her.

Jill chases after Gloria when she runs out of the salon in reaction to Paul's press conference and fails to pay for her nail work.

Jack also watches the TV and is stunned when Mary Jane calls for his help. She claims that she is pregnant so he offers to help.

Jeffrey stops him and makes him an offer.

Jill follows them to the church. Paul stuns Jack with the news that Mary Jane is his sister Patty. Gloria dresses as a nun and approaches Patty.

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