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Eden urges Noah to go ahead with plans to end the teasing he faces for being a Newman. She asks Michael if she can transfer to the Walnut Grove School.

Hearing Noah will be there too, he and Lauren decide to talk with Nick and Sharon. Nick confesses to Phyllis that he saw Sharon last night. She reveals she saw him and wonders why he didn't sign in.

Nick explains that Mary Jane is back so he opted not to sign in. Hearing the Swiss clinic has room for Summer, the two agree to start packing.

When Jill demands to know what he's doing, Jeffrey promises her $100,000 if she leaves. As Jack considers the idea that Mary Jane is his ex- wife Patty, Paul warns him that she sees Jack as the center of her life.

Jack insists he can talk with her and heads inside the church.

Chance is stunned to hear Patty shot Jack once before. Before Gloria can talk to her while in her nun's outfit, Jack enters so Gloria backs away.

He asks Patty why she didn't tell him who she was. She confirms that she is pregnant and claims that they can get married here in the church.

When she refuses to leave the church with him, Jack tells Patty he'll go make the arrangements for the wedding. Chance agrees when Paul suggests they "wire" Jack before he goes back in to talk further.

He returns to Patty who guesses he's trying to trick her. She admits that she had to keep him from Phyllis and Sharon and then states that she also kissed Summer. Jeffrey cuts the power to the church.

Sharon's therapist warns her to participate in the group discussions or a judge may send her to jail.

Sharon confesses to her mother that Nick is the father of her unborn baby. Nick overhears and is stunned.

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