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Unaware he's been drugged, Billy escorts tipsy Jack out of Jimmy's. Kay questions Mac about her relationship with Billy.

Finding her still packing, Daniel tells Amber that it's because he can't trust her that he can no longer live with her.

Kevin and Jana invite Amber to move in with them.

Meanwhile, Daniel boasts to Michael that Amber's been lying to him for a long time. As she points out Billy is late once again, Chance advises Chloe that he's considering a job as a police officer.

Billy drops Jack off at the Abbott mansion and rushes to be with Delia. Seeing a blurred image and smelling her perfume, Jack calls out Sharon's name.

Posing as her rival, Mary Jane lets Jack think she's Sharon and starts kissing him. He wakes after sex and finds a cat's paw nearby with a note from Mary Jane claiming that she was right to think he still loved her.

Jill complains to Chloe and Chance about what Billy did to her. Billy hears her complaining and admits he did it to get even with her.

Jill guesses that Victor will see that she doesn't work in Genoa City ever again. Billy responds with glee which shocks Chloe and Chance who demands that Billy apologize to his mother.

Jill apologizes for sending him to boarding schools but suggests that she isn't to blame for all of his many mistakes.

As Delia starts crying, Chloe asks them to stop arguing. Kay finds Nikki melancholy and assumes that she's thinking of Victor.

Nikki admits she is concerned about Ashley and denies that she has Victor on her mind before she marries Paul. Kay warns her about marrying another man while still being in love with Victor.

Chloe compliments Chance and surprises him with a little kiss. He responds by caressing her face.

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