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Victoria is outraged as her father gives Ashley Brad's seat on the Newman board. She reminds him of all she and Nick did while he was gone.

Hungover from her night with Billy, Sharon hears Nick at the door.

He admits he remembered their anniversary but didn't know what to do about it. When he questions her drinking a whole bottle of champagne, she reminds him he made his choice to stay with Phyllis and sends him away.

Meanwhile, Billy stumbles home where Jack again presses him to claim his daughter. Jack coaches Colleen how to handle today's board meeting.

He later finds a hungover Sharon and guesses she was with Billy.

Sharon cries about the terrible mistake she made.

When Chloe wakes, Cane brings her their baby. Lily follows Esther out so he can chat with his wife. She greets Billy and warns that she doesn't think Chloe will be able to tell Cane the truth.

In the room Cane asks why she was at the cabin. Chloe confesses that it's not his baby.

Cane is outraged but when he mentions the DNA test results, he realizes that if Billy is the girl's father, the test would have the same result.

Taking the baby out, Cane returns and gets Chloe to admit that they didn't have sex the night he got drunk. Billy insists he didn't know he was the father until recently, thanks to Chloe.

Cane then turns to Lily when he realizes that she knew the truth. Lily claims she couldn't tell him. Cane later tells them all that the baby is his and signs the birth certificate.

Lily finds Billy later at Jimmy's and tells him where to go.

Karen catches Neil lying about seeing Tyra and presses him to talk with her about adopting Ana. He claims today's not a good day.

When Tyra enters, Karen mentions that Neil has decided to start the adoption process. But when Ana arrives, Tyra tricks the social worker into getting her some water and then tells the teen that they've got to leave.

At the board meeting, Victor announces he's appointing Ashley to Brad's seat but Colleen interrupts and claims that according to the bylaws, she will take over her father's seat.

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