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At the grave site, Traci calls Brad a hero. Colleen fights back tears.

Billy and Lily talk about the fact that they have all lost parents.

The two end up at Brad's place getting ready to sit Shiva.

At the grave, Colleen cries on J.T.'s shoulder.

Victoria and Ashley join the small group. The rabbi assures Abby that Brad was a hero. With Sharon, Jack tries to convince Noah that Brad's death was an accident. At the ranch, Neil and Victor discuss Brad's death.

Victor points out that at least he saved Noah's life and adds that Newman will be better without him. As they talk about replacing Brad, Victor explains he wants Ashley in that spot.

Neil reminds him she's at Jabot but Victor doesn't care. He also touts Billy as a pawn to be played. Back at the mansion after the service, Sharon blames herself for Brad's death but Jack reminds her that Noah's alive because of his actions.

Sharon finally confesses she had sex with Nick at the cabin but ultimately blames Phyllis. Meanwhile, when Nick returns home, Phyllis accuses him of sleeping with Sharon.

He admits it but she responds that she wants to make their marriage work. After she physically reacts to him confessing that he loves both women, Nick offers to move out but she won't let him and reminds him he has a family.

Colleen is outraged when Victor shows at Brad's place. Abby walks out after seeing him. When Noah arrives, Victor tells him he's glad he's alive.

Noah asks Abby if she hates him and she responds by hugging him. Victor offers to take Abby home but Ashley insists she stay.

While Jack faces off with Nick, Phyllis finds Sharon at Brad's grave, thanking him for saving her son and admitting she loved him.

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