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At Brad's grave, Sharon reveals that Noah blames himself for Brad's death. Phyllis offers her help. 

She also regrets allowing Noah to go to the phony school bowling party.

Once Sharon leaves, Phyllis recounts all that Brad did to her but admits that she is grateful Brad was able to save Noah's life.

Lily answers the door at Brad's place when Cane arrives.

He claims he's there for Colleen's sake.

After trying to hear what Billy and Victor are discussing, Jack asks Nick about the cabin and wonders if he knew Phyllis tried to go there but couldn't get through because of the roadblock.

Hoping to smooth things over, Victor offers to donate a million dollars in Brad's name to a charity named by Abby but Colleen angrily blasts him for throwing his money around again.

Victoria and Ashley tell Victor it's time for him to go.

Jack congratulates Colleen for laying into Victor.

Victor calls Jill and announces it's time to begin their scheme. When Eden asks if it's okay for her to go to Brad's to see Noah, Michael and Lauren won't allow it.

Lauren stops by to offer her condolences and seeing Eden isn't with her, Noah convinces Nick to allow him to visit Eden.

Nick warns Sharon that Phyllis knew immediately that they had sex at the cabin and Sharon reports how calm she was earlier.

As they consider her stability, Phyllis interrupts. Michael gives them time alone when Noah stops by to see Eden.

But when Eden orders him to go because he may be no good for her, Noah exits which surprises Michael. Offering to go buy some milk, Eden leaves but then runs into Noah at Brad's grave.

Gil stops by with some items Noah left at the lake and warns Nick that there was alcohol found in the water bottle.

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