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Pearl gifts "Marge" with a bowling shirt and announces that she will be the captain of the diner's team. Kay worries to Murphy about not telling Pearl the truth.

Tyra is thrilled when Neil, Karen, Lily and Devon stop by the club with Ana for a visit.

After spotting Neil dancing with Tyra, Karen points out to Neil how great it's been having Ana with them.

She suggests that they adopt her but Neil's not sure.

Though Tyra admits she's thinking of moving back to Seattle, Devon insists she belongs here. But when she hears them talking about adoption, Tyra lashes out at them for failing to be an advocate for her.

Karen claims they can't for fear of Ana being sent to a foster home.

She's hurt when Neil claims they're just taking care of Ana until Tyra is back with her.

The two argue about adopting the girl while Lily and Devon also discuss who raises Ana.

Karen hints to Tyra that it would be best for Ana to be with her and Neil.

Michael finds Nikki with Paul and realizes they're a couple now.

After Paul updates him on his investigation in Florida, Nikki argues with Michael who insists that Gloria didn't mean to harm anyone with the "tainted" cream.

Upset to receive another tax bill, Eden overhears Michael telling Lauren that he'll pay it.

When he states that nothing good came out of River's life, she's hurt and runs off.

Michael realizes his mistake and calls to try to apologize.

When Eden returns, Kevin steps up and assures her that she can't have a nicer brother than Michael.

Hearing he's helping Michael with "Marge's" case, Nikki asks him to bow out for her sake. He counters that he can't just work on "nice" cases but she convinces him to back out of the job.

While Michael and Gloria badmouth his father, River is posing as a priest, raising money to help the children "overseas."

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