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Lily hints to Colleen about Billy's relationship with Chloe. Billy mentions to Chloe that Lily was asking, but she assures him there are no loose ends.

Sharon invites Jack to the party at Indigo but a female escort interrupts and flirts with Jack, so she changes her mind. Jack reveals that she is the woman who helped him with the forgery but Sharon remains upset.

Brad tries to talk with Sharon later but she barks that she's done with people like him.

Amber vows to get Kay's ring back from the pawnshop so that she can use it to prove Kay is still alive. At the shop, Amber lashes out at the owner for ripping off Kay but Daniel drags her out.

The owner then calls the person he sold the ring to and warns them.

Clint spies on Kay and Murphy at his place. At the magazine party Phyllis and Nick argue about business. Billy invites Lily to come to Chicago with him but she reminds him they've agreed to take things slowly.

Running into him at the party, Lily mentions to Cane Billy's closeness with Chloe but he suggests that Billy flirts with every woman.

Jack is astounded to meet Shiva Rose who spots Billy and Chloe and remarks about them still dating. Jack calls Billy to warn him but Shiva meets Chloe and congratulates her on her pregnancy.

In a panic, Chloe grabs Cane and insists he's her husband which confuses Shiva.

Chloe later warns her friend not to say anything about her and Billy. When Billy does the same, Shiva realizes he's the father of Chloe's baby.

Updating him on Kay, Amber pulls Kevin aside and apologizes for the way she's been treating him.

Kevin convinces Paul that Kay is alive so Paul calls Michael to explain he will help him with Kay's case.

Running into each other at the magazine office, Sharon and Phyllis argue about Nick. Later, Sharon asks Jack if she can use the family cabin.

As she leaves with the key, Brad watches her go.

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