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Kay asks Gloria why she's in jail and learns about the product tampering that killed someone. Michael demands some answers from Kevin.

Kevin tells him all about the cash and Michael reminds him that the money isn't his. Michael then spots Eden and tells her where the money came from.

After he assures her it will be returned to the owner, he commiserates with her when she points out that River tried to keep the money for himself.

Though Michael has ordered her only to plead not guilty at her hearing, Gloria asks the judge about leaving the country and is quickly denied bail so she can stay with Kay.

A guilt-ridden Kevin meets Kay and she remembers that he has her money. Sharon welcomes Victor back to Newman and tells him about her separation from Jack.

Nick tries to leave the magazine offices to head to Newman. Phyllis reminds him that she needs his help at the magazine.

Nick calls Victor about a New York client for Beauty of Nature and agrees to go see them with Sharon. He gives the news to Phyllis who complains about being stuck with all of his work at the magazine.

Nick later decides to work for Victor and "make him proud."

Phyllis is encouraging but reminds him of what his father did to him.

Neil arrives at work and discovers that not only is Victor back but Nick is joining him. He asks Victor where his job stands and insists he won't be under Nick or Victoria.

Victor assures Nick he can work at Newman and "Restless Style."

Sharon catches Noah in another lie about being with Eden. Phyllis lectures Sharon about giving Noah more "space" so he won't have to lie to her.

Sharon responds with a comment about going to New York with Nick.

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