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Jill tells Jack that she approves of him being back at Jabot. He questions her change in attitude but she attributes it to Gloria being sent to jail.

She would prefer to see him completely in charge.

Jeffrey complains to Gloria about her bail being denied and though Michael demands some answers, Gloria happily tells the guard to take her back to her cell.

As Kevin chats with Kay about his suspicions regarding her identity, Murphy returns.

Kevin questions him and learns that Murphy found her after the accident and thought she was his friend Marge.

Back at the coffeehouse, Kevin tells Amber about the Kay lookalike in jail.

He then runs to give Michael the news and he guesses Gloria's hoping to "scam" the woman. Kevin convinces him to go see Kay for himself.

Amber remains frightened of Kevin who denies that he ever wanted to hurt Kay. Jeffrey presses Gloria to sign the divorce papers but she refuses.

He spots Kay and becomes suspicious but Gloria tricks the guard into forcing him to leave. Murphy stops by the Crimson Lights.

After Kevin hears Jill raving to Michael about the Kay lookalike "intruder," Kevin hands Murphy the cash he's been keeping, suggests he use it to bail her out and also tells her about the book about Kay.

Calling him a good egg, Murphy rushes to the courthouse. As Kay leaves with Murphy, Gloria panics.

At Jabot, a curious Jeffery gets Jill talking about Marge. When his mother invites him to be on the cover of the next issue with a theme of "men we love" Daniel is suspicious but then accepts the offer.

He tells Amber he'll wear one of her designs for the photo session. Kevin offers to drive Amber to see Kay but she runs off.

Later, Jeffrey follows them as Murphy brings Kay to a bookstore to see her book. Gloria calls Jack about Kay being alive and asks for his help getting her out of jail.

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The Young and the Restless
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