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Kay gets ready to leave the hospital. Nina defends Phillip, claiming it's his story to tell. Phillip confides to Cane that he's gay.

He doesn't know if he can tell anyone else besides Nina.

When Mac advises Cane that she doesn't know if she can work for him anymore, Cane offers to sell her the bar.

She accuses him of running away but he states that he's not going anywhere and talks about his desire for a family. Mac decides to buy the place and as they embrace, Billy arrives and orders Cane to get away from her.

A deranged Mary Jane hides out in the garden shed on the ranch and wonders if she can trust Adam. Dr. Taylor assures Adam that he's putting together the needed ultrasound video for today's session with Ashley.

When the doctor arrives, he manages to fool Victor and Ashley with the phony ultrasound video which is great news for Adam. Afterwards, Victor worries when Ashley acts strangely before going upstairs to rest.

Pushed by Nina to come clean, Phillip interrupts Jill and Kay's argument to reveal that he's gay. As the truth sinks in, Jill wonders why he hid this news.

He points out how the truth would have been received years ago and though he confirms he loved Cricket then, he adds that it was his last chance to prove to himself that he wasn't gay.

Jill asks about his love life and Phillip admits that he's been alone all his life. Jill and Kay tell Phillip he never gave them a chance to accept him as he was. Nina asks how they can resolve this but he walks out.

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