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Cane assures Mac he's called Lily many times but can't get through. Colleen has another drink with him. Adrian calls Gloria to report his success.

Success, as in getting her to loosen up.

Gloria decides to call Victor with an update but after hearing Abby talk about tonight's wedding, she tells Jack when he arrives.

Jeffrey decides to head over to Jimmy's.

As they gather in the living room, Victor asks Adam to be his best man.

Victoria stops by the ranch with some papers for her father and is shocked that he has decided not to have his children at his own wedding.

Victoria asks Ashley if she can stay and embraces her father.

She calls J.T. to update him on their plans. J.T. worries when he finds a tipsy Colleen having fun with Aidan at the bar.

Mac reveals that she bought the place.

After Colleen stands on the bar and flashes her chest, J.T. takes her to the Crimson Lights for coffee and reminds her about her board responsibilities.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey uploads the video of Colleen flashing onto the Internet. Lily complains to Devon about living at home with their father and the always-present Tyra.

Cane calls Devon and asks him to say goodbye to Lily for him.

Lily confides to her brother that she may be pregnant.

Sensing he's worried about Lily, Tyra suggests to Neil that they go back to his place for some fun but he announces that his children come first.

Adam slips off his ankle bracelet again and heads to the shed to see Mary Jane. When he realizes her pet cat is actually stuffed, she points out how odd it is that he's keeping her in the shed.

He then instructs her to don Sabrina's dress and run by the window at the right time. Hearing about the wedding, Jack tries to stop Ashley but then backs off as they talk about having girls.

He then offers to walk her down the aisle. Later, after she and Victor are married, Ashley passes out when she "sees" Sabrina.

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