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Mac stuns Cane by saying Lily has cancer. Lily's going to have surgery tomorrow. He claims he can't go to her.

Mac urges him to do what's best for Lily and invites him to stay at the trailer while she heads to the hospital.

Boasting to Victor how they captured an inebriated Colleen on video, Jeffrey and Gloria demand their payment from Victor but he won't give them any cash until she's removed from the board.

Gloria then tricks Kevin into letting her use his laptop which she uses to send the tape of Colleen to every board member.

Pushed by Jana to tell Daniel everything, Amber decides it's time to talk after Daniel admits he's going to meet with Deacon.

However, Deacon interrupts and greets Amber, calling her April which upsets her. He pulls out a photo of a child and claims that he is a single father, boasting of his "Little D."

After he leaves, Daniel wonders why Amber was so rude to him.

An unsuspecting Jana introduces Deacon's friend Ryder to Kevin. Ryder gushes about what an honor it is to meet him.

Amber confronts Deacon at his room and he threatens to send Daniel to jail unless he can have her for one night.

She refuses so he calls the police who arrive at Daniel's and find the forged painting hidden behind another painting.

Lily is pleased when Mac brings some moves for her to watch and Lily realizes they are the same she used to enjoy with Cane.

Victoria is shocked when she sees the video of a tipsy Colleen. J.T. argues with his wife about Colleen's "mistake."

He later warns Colleen about the video just before Victor confronts her and announces that she is off the board.

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