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Cane tells Lily he knows about her cancer. Cane points out she's got to save her own life first. Lily asks Cane to take her to Chicago to harvest her eggs.

Cane asks her to let him take her back to the hospital.

Billy meets Mac at the trailer and admits he's been a jerk.

Reminiscing with photos, the two end up having sex.

In jail, Daniel tells Jana that once this mess is over, he's going to ask Amber to marry him. Stopping by the Crimson Lights with Chloe and Kay, Chance meets Kevin.

Phillip arrives and talks with his son who assures him that because he "died," he has nothing to do with his life.

Phillip agrees to stay away. Chance then asks Chloe about her and gets a lecture about Billy being a good dad but a lousy father.

Complimenting her on her good looks, Chance wonders why she's settling for a guy like Billy. He confesses he's never had a girlfriend and she's intrigued to hear he's a virgin.

Guessing he hasn't been kissed "properly," Chloe does the honors. Amber questions Kevin about doing something to free Daniel though it's not something she would normally do. He warns her not to do it.

Later, Daniel tells Amber that once he's out, he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Amber ends up at Deacon's place and as she dons some lingerie in another room, he calls Daniel and leaves the phone off the hook so he can hear everything.

Daniel picks up the phone and hears Amber tell Deacon that Daniel can never find out what they are doing. Deacon then starts moaning for Daniel's benefit.

Neil and Olivia are relieved when Cane brings Lily back to the hospital.

As Lily prepares for her surgery, Neil thanks Cane but then orders him to get out. Olivia chastises Neil for being so harsh.

Lily's disappointed to hear Cane is gone. After the surgery, Olivia tells Neil they had to remove everything because the cancer had spread.

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