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Lying that Colleen has resigned, Victor offers Ashley her seat. Ashley can't believe she quit because she accepted the seat to honor Brad.

Hearing about Aidan getting her drunk, Billy agrees with Colleen that she was set up in hopes that she would be forced to leave the board.

Both guess Victor was behind the scheme.

Meanwhile, J.T. argues with Victoria about what's being done to Colleen and urges her not to act like her father.

She accuses him of supporting Colleen because he was once in love with her and insists that Victor wants her gone.

Still in jail, Daniel stuns Jana and Kevin with the truth about Amber's relationship with Deacon. They doubt she would have cheated on him but he admits he heard them having sex.

Jana suggests that Amber might have felt it was the only way she could save him but Daniel never wants to see Amber again.

Meanwhile, Amber blasts Deacon for blackmailing her. He responds that the police should have the DVD by now and insists that they belong together. When he hints that his bed is still available, she slaps him.

Michael listens to the DVD with Heather and insists that she order Daniel released immediately.

As they argue, Amber calls and invites him to the Athletic Club to talk with the person who sent the DVD.

When they arrive, Deacon tells his story but puts Amber at the center of it until Heather suggests Amber was looking for an excuse to cheat on her boyfriend.

Disappointed, Michael asks Heather to at least reduce Daniel's bail.

Billy stands by Colleen as she refuses to sign the resignation letter Victoria pushes towards her. Colleen asks J.T. how he could support this action.

After they leave, J.T. tells his wife about Victor hiring him to dig up dirt on Colleen and then firing him right before her video appeared.

He later tells Victor that he's resigning. Being released from jail, Daniel calls Amber and asks to meet.

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