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Phillip announces that he is to blame for Cane's deception. Kay explains who he is to Murphy and then collapses.

As the paramedics arrive, Nina tells Jill that Phillip has disappeared. Cane confesses how he got his hands on Phillip's blood.

As Billy and Mac start to fall into bed, they each get calls about Kay's collapse and that Cane's a fraud.

At the hospital Olivia tells Jill, Murphy and Kay that she had yet another "mini-stroke." Murphy spots Phillip out in the hall and warns him to stay away. He then calls Nina to come to the hospital.

After she leaves, Billy arrives and Cane tells Lily about his past.

He claims that he was alone and never knew his father when Phillip, as Langley, befriended him.

When she mentions he didn't want to go to Australia, Cane explains that he feared he would lose her if they went.

With everyone in Kay's room, Phillip explains that his life as Phillip ended the day of his accident as he fled to Australia.

Phillip explains that he met Cane and decided to use him to try to end the pain he knew they were suffering because of his "death."

Insisting Cane is not a bad person, Phillip reveals that he swerved his car off the road to end things but found peace instead.

He paid off everyone from his hospital room and made arrangements to leave the country and the teenage life he didn't want.

Nina wonders how he could have walked away from his own child.

He insists he did it for his son. Back at the Chancellor estate, Cane tells Lily he really does love her. Hurt and angry, Lily hides behind her father and Billy punches Cane.

When Chloe asks about Delia's DNA, Cane admits he went to the lab to switch the samples but then found out Billy was the match.

She blasts him for knowing the truth all along. Billy orders him to get out.

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