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Responding to Victor's call, Rafe meets him at the hospital. Victor asks him to find out who was sticking Adam's eyes with needles.

Daniel, Nick and Noah advise Sharon that someone filed a complaint about Phyllis which is keeping her from her daughter.

Noah and Daniel take time to spend with Summer. As Sharon leaves to try to comfort an angry Phyllis, Victor is astounded to see Mary Jane arrive at the hospital.

She suddenly throws her arms around him and claims she's very upset about what's happened.

Disgusted, he orders her to get out.

Instead, she heads to the chapel where she overhears Sharon encouraging Phyllis to be strong for her daughter.

Sharon also pushes her to lean on Nick for the support he can give.

Mary Jane slips into Sharon's room later and leaves Victor's wallet under her mattress, telling herself she will keep "the tramp" away from Jack.

Rafe approaches Adam at the ranch and asks him why he never reported anything about needles to his eyes.

Adam lies that the guards forced him to remain silent. Adam starts to come on to him but Rafe stops him and insists he knows what he's doing.

Adam feigns being hurt, telling the attorney that he thought he found someone special. He orders Rafe to get out but Rafe responds by calling out his name softly.

As they embrace, Nikki silently opens Adam's bedroom door and sees them kiss. Daniel urges Noah to forget about being an emancipated teen because it's expensive to live on your own.

Mary Jane is shocked when Victor confronts her with her "enemies list" in her room.

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