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Mary Jane admits she was just with Phyllis. She then covers when J.T. catches her on the grounds near the tack house.

Billy tells Chloe he misses her and Delia and though she agrees to arrange for him to see their baby, she wants nothing to do with him.

Chloe then meets with Kay and tells her about Billy and Sharon.

Kay warns that she's fooling herself if she thinks she can change Billy. Kay then offers to help her deal with Billy.

Meanwhile, Mac confides to Billy that she still has feelings for him but then tells him they can't be together.

Nina asks a reluctant Cane about Violet Montgomery and he claims that she died when he was very young.

He reluctantly admits that she died from pneumonia. Kevin and Amber approach Victoria at Jimmy's and learn about the FBI sting coming up.

After Jana tells all and admits her concern for Daniel, Amber demands that the FBI give him some protection. Behind the building, Daniel surprises the fake agent and demands his painting back.

Victoria calls the fake Aucker who tells her he's out back.

A masked man jumps the fake agent and shoots him. J.T. arrives and looks for Victoria who has arrived with the briefcase filled with cash. The masked man pushes some crates on her and escapes with the money.

Later, Amber, Jana and Kevin find Daniel back at the apartment and he warns he's in big trouble. Paul confronts Mary Jane about the huge amount of money that appeared in her bank account and her lack of a past.

She calls him a stalker and orders him to stay away.

Later, Gil orders Paul to come down to the station house for questioning because of Mary Jane's complaint.

Nina learns Paul didn't bring Cane to town. Cane calls his uncle about Nina and tells Phillip that his wife hasn't forgotten about him.

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The Young and the Restless
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