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Daniel is far from pleased. Why? Detective Gil is chatting with Amber about the break-in.

The cop wonders why she waited until today for a crime that happened yesterday and suggests they put a new lock on the door.

After blasting Amber, Daniel calls Aucker to complain.

Amber approaches Kevin for help finding out who broke into her place because Daniel could be in danger because of them.

He then agrees to go on a radio talk show to try to solve their problems. Back at the apartment, Daniel advises Jana that only the painting was taken during the break in.

Jana presses him to tell Amber the truth. A stranger arrives and stuns Daniel with the news that he's the real Harold Aucker.

After Mary Jane backs out of an invitation to dine with her and Paul, Nikki meets her future husband who stuns her with the revelation that he's having Mary Jane investigated.

Admitting she's acting strangely around him, Paul reveals that his search has found out nothing about her which is very odd.

Nikki checks out her references and learns the same thing.

After a call, Paul invites Nikki to come with him to meet his brother father Todd. Jill presses Victor for help getting her money back but he refuses. When she threatens to tell Ashley about their partnership, he warns her to stay away from his wife.

Gloria and Jeffrey interrupt, asking Victor for help and then end up arguing with each other until Victor kicks them all out.

Mary Jane talks to her "kitty," stating that Victor will know how to get rid of Sharon so that she can have Jack all to herself.

Gloria, Jeffrey and Jill congratulate each other on fooling Victor and then get a call about Victor being traced to someone at the Athletic Club.

In her room Victor tells Mary Jane that her work is over but she asks him for another month.

He refuses and warns her about harming Sharon.

Mary Jane screams at him and as he leaves her room, grabs him, pleading with him as Jill secretly snaps a photo of them. Later, Mary Jane panics when she sees Paul with his brother.

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