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Aucker asks Daniel to draw a sketch of the imposter. Daniel convinces her not to tell Kevin.

Mac's unimpressed when Billy brings flowers to congratulate her on her engagement.

After Billy leaves, J.T. arrives and Mac chastises him for taking so long to say hello to her.

He congratulates her on her engagement and then chats with her about Billy. After they arrive at the bar, Lily surprises Cane with a date book and shows him the dates where they can make a baby.

Nina interrupts with some questions for Cane to help with her work on Kay's story but Cane puts her off.

Cane later calls his Uncle Langley and warns that they have a problem. Back home, Billy gets some grief from Chloe who is furious he was with Mac again.

She asks him if he doesn't want her and the baby in his life anymore.

Reminding her Mac is engaged, Billy claims it's Chloe who can't stop thinking about Mac.

She insists she loves him so Billy states that if they are going to make the marriage work, he must confess that he may be the father of the baby Sharon's carrying.

When Dr. Drew refuses to talk with Amber anymore on his self-help talk show, she makes more calls and ends up on a show hosted by a man named Tommy.

They have a laugh to learn it's the wrong show because the host is ex Dodgers' manager Tommy Lasorda who presides over "Dodger Blue Line."

However, when Tommy pushes them to talk and learns what they did, he argues that the governor made a bad decision. However, Amber convinces him to change his mind and other callers voice their approval of Kevin.

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