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Guessing Cane lied to her, Lily grabs his cellphone and notices the many calls he's made to Langley. Nina confides to Neil about her concern re: Cane.

Nina stops by the Chancellor Estate to get a blood sample from Cane who admits that he has a "thing" about needles.

After the samples are taken, the group starts to argue during which Cane switches his sample.

Nine catches him touching them and calls him on it.

At the hospital Victor receives a photo of him with Mary Jane on his cellphone along with a demand that he come to Jimmy's in an hour.

Worried about her comatose daughter, Phyllis tells Mary Jane that Summer must have pulled out a cookie from the garbage can.

Paul's curious to see Mary Jane there so Nick explains that she's a friend of Phyllis'. Later, Mary Jane leaks to Phyllis that Nick is not the father of Sharon's baby because Jack is.

Guessing he was just calling Sharon, Phyllis blasts Nick for not focusing on their daughter. When she reminds him Jack's the father, she realizes that Nick didn't know.

A desperate Mary Jane hints to a nearby Heather that Phyllis may have done this deliberately so Heather calls her office about research on Munchausen's Syndrome.

While Gloria discreetly hides at the bar, Jeffrey approaches Victor at Jimmy's and hints that Ashley wouldn't like to see that photo of him with Mary Jane.

He offers to keep his secret if Victor will pay him all the money lost when the Cayman Island bank went under.

Not interested, Victor warns a nearby Gloria that she's made a huge mistake.

He confronts Jill who offers to talk with Jeffrey in exchange for a job. Victor turns down her offer too.

Paul tells Nina that a cop who accompanied Phillip's body cannot be found.

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