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Nick argues with Adam. He says Victor is giving him another chance so Nick should too. Nick refuses.

Adam secretly listens as Ashley tells Olivia not to come to the ranch anymore since she thinks she wants her committed.

Victor congratulates Nikki on her engagement and talks highly of Paul.

He apologizes for some of the harsh words he said after Sabrina died but she assures him that she knows he was raging with grief.

She also points out it was a great decision she made to send Ashley to rescue him in Paris.

A stunned Chloe considers what to do as the truth about Billy sleeping with Sharon sinks in.

He remarks that Jack knows what he did too.

Chloe guesses this is payback for what she did to Cane. Billy suddenly announces that he is ready to be a husband and a father.

Astounded, she wonders if they'll live in the Abbott mansion if it turns out the baby is his. He insists that he wants only her so she demands that he find them a new home.

Mary Jane spots Jack dining with Sharon at the Athletic Club and slips upstairs unseen. Jack surprises Sharon with an engagement ring and asks her to marry him again.

When she hints that it's too much to consider right now, he puts the ring away and says he'll wait for a better time.

Mary Jane and Phyllis grow closer as both women complain about Sharon.

Hearing she's pregnant, Mary Jane tells Phyllis that Sharon ruined her relationship with Jack. Billy approaches Jack with another apology, admits he told Chloe the truth and asks about a reconcilement with him.

Jack claims Billy still hasn't grown up. Sharon finds Chloe moving out and learns she knows about her affair with Billy.

Sharon makes things worse when she leaks that she and Billy had sex the day of his wedding. Nikki spots Ashley talking to the statue of Sabrina and warns Nick.

With Adam still listening, Nick tells Victor about Sharon and his desire to reunite with her. Victor tells Ashley he's going out of town on business.

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