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Victor meets with a man about stem cell research that may save Adam's vision. Phyllis sends Jack home for fear J.T. will see him there.

A hidden Mary Jane watches him leave and mutters a threat to herself.

Mary Jane then surprises Phyllis but as they talk, Nick arrives so she exits. Nick tells Phyllis he still cares for her but she asks him to leave.

Mary Jane watches him leave. Sharon tries to lie but then tells Jack the truth about being with Nick.

She asks him not to hate her but he assures her he will always love her. However, he does tell her if he is the father of her unborn baby, he will want to raise it.

Daniel tries to slip away from Amber but when she becomes suspicious, he jumps into bed with her, has sex and then leaves.

She opens her eyes and wonders where he's going in such a hurry.

J.T. is not pleased to find Howard Aucker putting a wire on his wife and insists that he stop.

When he can't stop Victoria, J.T. decides to go with her. Nikki forces her way past Adam to see Ashley and fails to see he was wiping up blood from Ashley's fall down the stairs.

When Adam's friend Dr. Taylor arrives, he pronounces Ashley's unborn baby healthy. Nikki suggests she get a second opinion but Ashley won't allow her to call Olivia.

Nikki decides to send a text message to Victor.

Later, Adam's friend advises him that Ashley had a miscarriage and is no longer pregnant but that he convinced her she's fine.

Adam reminds the doctor of the threat he's holding over him for his cooperation. Adam's taken aback when Victor returns.

Jack returns to see Phyllis and, thanks to Mary Jane, the two are startled when a dead bird crashes through a window.

J.T. catches Mary Jane and demands to know who she is.

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The Young and the Restless
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