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Rafe is shocked to hear Adam describe how Estella is being treated. He lashes out at Victor for blaming Estella.

Adam complains to Ashley about life on the ranch.

Once she leaves, he removes his monitoring bracelet, slips out the window and retrieves the baby crying tape he used to fool Ashley.

After Jack invites Sharon to move back home, she suggests he tell Mary Jane what is happening "as a courtesy." Surprisingly, Jack confronts Mary Jane and admits that he is going back to his ex-wife.

She warns him this is bad for publicity but he insists he'll make it work. After he leaves, she angrily rips up some papers.

When Nikki fails to answer after he gets down on one knee and proposes, Paul admits he wishes he had proposed to her when they were both younger.

Heather interrupts as they kiss and jokes that they should "get a room." Nikki leaves to be with Kay who urges her to accept the marriage offer.

Nina meets with Kay and asks if she'd like her life story to be made into a movie. Kay suggests the two of them write the script with Amber.

As Phyllis dines with Nick, Daniel calls to report his success at his art showing. Thanks to Summer calling her over, Sharon interrupts and informs them that she's moving back to the Abbott house.

Jack worries about Noah's reaction. Phyllis privately presses Sharon for the real reason she's moving back but Sharon lies as Mary Jane secretly listens.

As Daniel and Amber celebrate his success, Howard Auker arrives and explains to him that he's a federal agent on the prowl for an "art theft ring."

He convinces Daniel to forge a painting by an artist whose work was stolen but instructs him not to tell anyone, not even Amber.

Nikki tells Paul that she will marry him.

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