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A frantic Ashley describes to Victor the call she received from "Sabrina." Adam claims he was there next to her and guesses it was Estella.

Victor checks her phone and then calls Rafe to check Estella's.

He then tells Adam it was not Estella who pulled this trick.

He summons Olivia to the ranch and tells her about the incident. Ashley's not pleased that Victor thinks the problem is with her.

Olivia urges Ashley to check herself into the hospital to be examined.

Olivia advises Victor of her opinion and then escorts Ashley upstairs. Victor thanks Adam for his help.

When Nina greets them at their wedding reception, Cane tells her he'd like to meet her son Phillip one day.

Catching Amber and Chloe making snide comments about Lily's wedding dress, Jill points out it was Dru's dress and asks them why they're at the wedding anyway.

Nick and Phyllis tell Lily that "her cover" has been getting a great response. As Tyra stares in disbelief, Devon introduces his great Aunt Virginia to Roxanne and his father.

Virginia thanks Neil for all he has done for the family. Later, Neil wonders to Tyra about her odd reaction to seeing her.

Talking about Tyra adopting Ana, Virginia mentions to Devon that she thought blood relatives were usually favored.

After the newlyweds take to the dance floor, Neil dances with Jill. Billy watches as Mac dances with Devon.

Having a dance with her son, Jill suggests that Cane consider taking his father's name.

Kay cuts in while Murphy gives Jill a spin around the floor. Jill's not pleased when she learns about the movie that may be made about Kay.

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