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Mary Jane agrees to have a drink with Paul. She wears sunglasses after he says he's seen her before.

When she lets slip that she knew April, she suddenly decides she's got to go so Paul orders a background check on her.

Jack stops by the pool house and hides his confusion when Chloe claims he just missed Billy who left for work.

She talks about how great Billy has been lately but later, discovers that Mac called Billy's cellphone.

Kay warns Mac that she's inviting Chloe and Billy to the barbecue.

The two discuss Billy's situation and Kay points out he'd think he was a failure to his daughter if he left Chloe.

Later, Chloe advises Mac that she's not happy and guesses Mac knows why. Kay invites her and Billy to the barbecue but Chloe claims they need "family time."

Blasted for calling Billy, Mac insists she's not a threat, reveals that she and Billy never slept together and confesses that she was recently involved with someone in Africa until that fell apart.

Nick's reminded of Cassie doing the same thing after Summer presents him with a picture she's made for him. Phyllis convinces him to tell her what's on his mind so he admits he's worried about Sharon.

Phyllis reminds him she's getting professional help but he states that it all began when Cassie died and he wasn't there for her.

Warning he can't change the past, she suggests it's not fair to interfere when Sharon seems to want to be with Jack now.

Billy finds Sharon crying and learns that she told Jack he may not be the father of the baby she is carrying.

He's relieved when she admits she didn't tell him Billy was her lover. Just then, Jack interrupts so Sharon covers for Billy who leaves. Sharon then cries that she feels she must tell Nick she's pregnant.

He warns she'll hurt Nick and convinces her to keep her secret.

As Billy secretly listens, Chloe decides to attend the barbecue and asks Mac to bring the other man she was dating.

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