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Jack tells Billy he's aware that he slept with Sharon. Billy insists they were both drunk when it happened.

Jack points out he knows it happened more than once and blasts him.

He states that he doesn't think he can ever forgive him for this.

When Chloe interrupts and asks what's wrong, Jack suggests she ask her husband but warns that he'll probably lie.

Chloe asks Billy what's wrong but he runs out.

Victor asks Adam to talk Ashley into going to see a therapist.

Later, Ashley worries when she hears a noise in her room. When she catches Adam under her bed, he lies that Victor asked him to spy on her.

She agrees not to tell Victor she knows.

After Olivia arrives, Ashley screams out and tells them she had a nightmare about Sabrina. Cane's concerned when Lily surprises him with tickets to Australia.

Surprised he's not excited about the trip, Lily asks him why and he responds that there is nothing there for him.

Raul is thrilled when he presses Mac for an answer to his marriage proposal and she accepts it after he suggests that you don't need to love everything about your spouse.

At Phillip Chancellor III's grave, Nina meets Kay who reads a letter that Phillip's son sent, admitting he'd like to see the grave when he comes to Genoa City.

As they talk about Cane being the "real Philip," Jill interrupts, perturbed about their conversation. Kay apologizes to Jill for not telling her that Phillip was drinking.

After Kay leaves, Nina asks about the paternity test and learns the DNA didn't match at first. She wonders why a third wasn't done.

At home Kay congratulates Mac on her engagement.

Billy seeks solace from Mac and is stunned when Raul asks her to show him her new ring.

Billy returns to the pool house and finds Chloe has moved out. Chloe returns to the Chancellor mansion.

In Australia, a man who looks like Phillip III closes his bar and thanks a friend who calls him Langley.

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