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Jack is not interested in partnering with Jill. John reminds Billy that Jack slept with Jill while she was married to John.

Billy calls Chloe and leaves a message, asking her to come home.

Adam's not pleased when a shaken Ashley tells Victor and Olivia that she can't remember the details of her dream about Sabrina.

Alone, Ashley sees a vision of John and talks with her father as a snooping Adam wonders what is happening.

Hearing her describe her dream about a veiled Sabrina smothering her with a pillow, Adam is pleased.

Ashley falls asleep and wakes in pain, running to tell Victor that she's bleeding. Gloria and Jeffrey arrive at the Crimson Lights, complaining about the 4-day cargo ship "cruise" they just finished.

Leaking that they have both been kicked out of the Athletic Club, Jeffrey asks Gloria to sell her diamonds but she refuses.

The two start looking for jobs and when Jill confronts them, they all reluctantly admit they're broke.

They also decide not to tell anyone. In the dark, Phyllis agrees to rent the penthouse to Jeffrey and Gloria.

After Raul wonders to Mac if Billy cheated on Chloe, she emerges. He offers to go lecture Billy but she stops him.

Chloe later vows to Esther that she will not allow her husband to treat her this way. Raul invites Mac to come back to Washington with him but she wants to spend more time with Kay. She adds that they will make it work.

Chloe tells Mac this is her fault but Mac denies it.

Pointing out Chloe loves Billy, Mac claims she doesn't, at least not anymore. She runs to push Billy to go find Chloe and make his marriage work.

He blasts her for agreeing to marry Raul but she insists that Billy is not in her future.

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