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Lauren tells Amber she'd like her to be a designer for Fenmore's. Michael wants to help Gloria and Jeffrey get their money back but won't betray Victor.

After Amber gives Mac some advice about what a jerk Billy is, Mac warns Billy that she doesn't think their relationship is going anywhere.

Sharon interrupts and, pointing out how his article affects Noah and Abby, tells him that she's quitting.

Nick orders Adam to stay away from Sharon but Adam states it's none of his business. Nick announces he's sending him out of town on business.

After arguing with Eden, Abby complains to Amber that Daisy tried to get hired at the coffee house but was turned down.

Amber offers to help her get a job at Fenmore's.

After Daisy leaves, Eden points out that Abby doesn't even know Daisy. Meeting her at the boutique, Lauren agrees to consider hiring Daisy.

Ashley warns Nick that in spite of her divorce, she is still on the board and intends to stay there.

Both agree it's time for a new direction.

Later, Michael warns Nick the SEC knows about Victor and the Cayman Island bank and fears that money is the only way to make this disappear.

After warning her about Nick's demand, Adam surprises Sharon with a kiss. Lily pushes a reluctant Cane to take her to bed for the first time since her cancer treatments.

They're interrupted by Devon and Roxanne.

After sending them on their way, Lily and Cane end up in bed. Daisy boasts to Amber that she got the job. Ashley finds Abby with them and orders her home.

Michael assures Gloria and Jeffrey they will get their money, thanks to his efforts but when he hints they should be thanking someone, Gloria states they owe it all to Billy.

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