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Emily admits that she's leaving town. Jack urges her to stay and continue to help Patty. Paul arrives for their meeting and asks her to stay in Genoa City.

Emily insists she must go home.

Later, she gets a call from Dr. Lambert who offers her a job with him heading up the Abbott Foundation.

Kay advises Jill and Neil that she is considering taking Chancellor Industries public to raise money to make some more acquisitions.

Both agree with the idea and are stunned when Kay explains that she wants them both to benefit from this decision because they are both part of her family.

After Neil leaves, Kay admits that she's doing this to make up for all the years of pain she caused. Jill is grateful. Kay mentions feeling lonely and reminds her that she has a daughter "out there."

Jack finds them together and senses something is up but neither will tell him. Neil thrills Devon by offering to fund his future music plans.

Neil's happy when Lily boasts that she and Cane have renewed their vows and are happier than ever. When Nina and Phillip run into Chloe and Chance, Phillip suggests that he leave.

Chance blows up at his father, blasting him for running away again.

Though Nina is shocked by his angry outburst, Phillip claims he's happy that Chance is finally able to vent his anger.

Jill hires Paul to find Kay's daughter.

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