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Paul tells Nina not to push Chance to reunite with his father. They discuss her screenplay that centers on Phillip's story.

Paul suggests someone else might sell it if she doesn't especially since there might be a Chancellor heir somewhere.

After seeing her argue with Chloe, Paul compares Nina to Jill.

Cane's concerned when he realizes that Lily seems to have a slight fever.

He takes her to the hospital and later calls Neil to report that his daughter has been admitted. When he arrives, Neil learns Lily has an infection that is causing the fever.

After Emily admits she's upset he arranged a job offer for her, Jack insists that he is truly sorry for what happened to Patty.

He denies arranging the job for her but she claims she's no longer interested. Jack pleads with her to help Patty in spite of him.

Billy spots the Patty lookalike and warns Jack about her. Chance tries to arrest Emily but after a call, realizes his mistake.

When Billy confirms that there was a staff meeting at the bar earlier, Chance calls Chloe and later apologizes for not believing her.

Talking about going public, Neil warns Kay and Jill that Jack will be in first in line to buy shares of the new stock.

During a magazine staff meeting, Chloe comes up with an idea but Mac convinces him his next big story should be about a real hero.

Afterwards, Chance arrives and finds Billy and Chloe joking around. When she insists the entire staff was there moments ago, Chance doesn't believe her.

Apologizing for being mistaken for Patty, Jack's pleased when Emily admits that she's staying in town.

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