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Ashley is stunned to see Billy at Newman. She that she's done with helping him because of his latest article.

Nick tells Billy that he has no time or interest in talking with him.

Victoria tells her brother that she is not coming back to Newman because her marriage is more important to her.

Seeing Chloe with Chance, Phillip interrupts and explains that he wants to hear all of his son's complaints.

Chloe exits and as they start talking, Nina moves closer to listen.

Seeing Gloria being robbed at the coffeehouse counter, Chance interrupts and is stabbed. Reminding her about their financial situation, Jeffrey tells Gloria that he has a new scheme but she insists she trusts Michael to come through for them.

Admitting he knows about her plans, Jack tells Kay he'll buy Jabot from her if she needs cash.

Kay insists it's not for sale and avoids answering when he asks if she's taking her company public. When Murphy interrupts, Jack exits.

He tells Ashley about his theory but she claims she isn't interested and doesn't trust him anymore. Neil and Cane meet Emily who states that she is not Patty and that she will be working with the cancer center.

When Jill arrives, Cane runs to her arms. Lily is startled to meet Emily and later opens up about her vision of Colleen which told her she would beat her cancer.

Hearing they want to have a baby, Mac tells Lily and Cane that she'll be the surrogate. Chloe signs her divorce papers in front of Billy and hands them to him.

Nina panics to see Chance wheeled into the hospital. Ashley calls her broker about buying up Jabot stock.

Jack runs into Emily and sneaks a goodnight kiss. Michael lets Gloria know that she and Jeffrey will get their Cayman Islands bank money back.

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