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Paul visits Patty at the psychiatric clinic. The doctor warns that she's had a complete break with reality and may never come back.

Paul approaches Jack and Traci and updates them on Patty thinking that she's living in the 80s, married to Jack.

Jack guesses that she's faking it in preparation for going to trial.

But when he visits her, Patty's talk about their honeymoon convinces him she's "out of it." Nick confronts Sharon at the cabin and insists that he deserves to be there when she spreads the ashes from their baby.

Victoria overhears Adam on the phone talking business and confronts him. He claims he had to step in and save the cosmetics line which was about to be dropped at a retail outlet.

She orders him to hang up the phone and when Michael arrives, Adam defends his actions. Again, Victoria claims he has no right and asks Michael to make sure this never happens again.

Adam boasts that he has more experience than both she and Nick.

Later, Victoria complains to Nick.

Assuring Nikki and the patient that Victor is okay, the doctor claims he'll be fine as long as he takes his medication on time.

Nikki brings Faith for a visit with Victor but Ashley is outraged that she took her from the nursery.

Calming down, Ashley asks Victor to give Adam a second chance. The two then argue about his love for her as Ashley claims that he's always put himself ahead of her.

Hearing she's going to file for divorce, Victor agrees not to fight it as long as he can see the baby.

Later, Ashley tells Adam the news and invites her to stay at the ranch with her and her girls.

Paul tells Victor that Patty has completely lost her mind and claims he's off the hook since she doesn't remember him and what he did. After Paul leaves, Victor tells Nikki about the divorce.

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