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Traci announces to Jack that she's leaving town. Billy asks Chloe to sign the divorce papers. She puts him off again so he makes a rude remark.

Billy overhears Phyllis telling Chloe that she doesn't enjoy work anymore.

Victoria advises Michael that the SEC is accusing her of not being truthful to the shareholders about Victor's condition.

The agent stands by their claim and asks for Victor's medical records. When Michael asks who made the complaint, he refuses to tell so Michael advises him the medical records are private.

Michael and Victoria update Nick about the legal trouble.

After leaking that Nick once turned his father in to the police, Sharon tells Adam that she and Nick had another baby after Cassie died but it only lived for a day. Nick is surprised to find Adam with Sharon.

Bringing the baby to him, Ashley stuns Victor with her decision to remain at the ranch as part of her divorce settlement.

Victor later advises Nikki that Ashley wants him to leave the ranch. She urges him not to worry about it and runs to confront Ashley.

She blasts her rival for doing this to Victor but Ashley admits she heard her husband professing his unending love for Nikki.

Ashley then orders her to get out. Victor asks Michael to handle his divorce and sign the ranch over to Ashley.

After turning down Jack's request to come back to work, Billy asks him to release some of his trust fund money.

Jack refuses because Billy is too immature. Billy approaches Phyllis about buying the magazine.

Jack is stunned when Ashley reveals that Adam is going to be Faith's godfather.

Playing dumb about what happened, Adam tells Victoria, he'll call a friend at the SEC to help with their recent trouble.

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