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Jack complains to Kay about Jill being back at work. Chloe shows Billy the cover for the next issue of "Restless Style" and he hates it.

Hearing he's going to the job interview in New York, Victoria accuses J.T. of trying to punish her because of Deacon.

She hints if he takes the job, their marriage might be over.

As they gather for the christening at the chapel, Billy asks Phyllis and Nick not to tell Jack that he's the new owner of the magazine.

As the ceremony gets underway, Nikki escorts Victor into the chapel. Ashley spots them and invites Victor to come hold his daughter.

Ashley announces that their baby will be named Faith Colleen Newman.

Afterwards, Nick holds Faith and Phyllis claims she has "Newman eyes." When Faith starts crying, Adam notices Sharon in the back of the chapel.

Traci thanks Victor for accepting the christening date change and presses her hand to his chest where her daughter's heart beats.

Traci says goodbye and Ashley leaks to Jack about giving Billy the money to buy the magazine. Kay stops by the magazine offices and is amused to see Billy is the new owner.

He asks her not to tell Jack and gets her to agree that the cover needs to be changed. Calling the cover "garbage," Billy orders Chloe to make it happen.

After Chloe leaves, Billy decides to do a cover story on Victor stealing his niece's heart. Adam approaches Sharon at her house and claims he's done terrible things much worse than she has.

He admits he seduced his lawyer who is gay to protect himself. Nick offers Phyllis a job at Newman.

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