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Phyllis seeks Michael's opinion about going to work for Victor at Newman Enterprises, he can't believe that she's seeking advice after all Victor did to her and her daughter.

Already upset he's living with them, Jana's not pleased when Kevin talks to her about hiring Ryder to work at the Crimson Lights.

She's curious when she finds a photo of a very young Kevin lookalike but Ryder grabs it and blasts them for going through his things.

After they leave, Jana finds the photo again. Upset when Victor stops by the ranch to collect some things, Ashley orders him to call first next time.

He reminds her that he owns the ranch and will come here whenever he wants.

Lauren gives Amber some bad news about her unpopular jacket designs at the Boutique. When Amber asks for a job, Phyllis interrupts and gives her a hard time about what she did to her son.

Deacon interrupts Nick and Victoria as they discuss their father's health at the stockholders' meeting and tells the crowd that he knows Victoria as an honest person.

Alone with her, Deacon asks if they can remain friends but she denies they ever were. Later, J.T. spots him, warns him to stay away from his wife and then punches him after Deacon talks about how "hot" Victoria is.

Adam tries to force Michael to help him find some important information but when the lawyer refuses, Adam warns that he's going to win Victor's trust back.

Nick gives Adam a chore and then talks with Michael about the likelihood that Adam called the SEC. Victor advises Michael that he's leaving town for awhile to seek help at a cardiac rehab center.

Adam hands Victor the name of the person who supposedly made the call to the SEC. Michael calls Phyllis about Victor leaving town and then calls Nick about the SEC phone call.

J.T. advises Victoria that he was offered the job in New York. Jana and Amber use a Ouija board and are "told" that Ryder's photo is of a dead person.

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