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Nick orders Billy to move his magazine out of his building. He suggests he sue him if his lawyers think he doesn't have the power.

Billy meets with a photographer who sells him photos of Deacon at the Newman offices. Billy later shows them to Deacon who claims that J.T. was "confused."

Billy starts snooping around the Athletic Club and finds a maid who confirms that she has seen Victoria coming in and out of Deacon's room.

Nick chats with Victoria about J.T. punching Deacon but she doesn't want to talk about Deacon or the incident.

Victoria gives Adam more busy work and suggests that he travel to all of their retail outlets in all fifty states.

Looking at the ring he has for her, Victor tells Nikki it's a promise that he will take things one step at a time.

She wonders how to tell their children she'll be leaving town with him.

Spreading her good news, Nikki invites Kay to join her as she meets with the kids.

Ashley announces to Jack that she's changed her mind and won't be coming back to Jabot because Victor is leaving and she needs to be with Abby.

She gets him to admit that he and Billy might have gone too far with the cover story about Victor.

In his room at the Athletic Club Victor records a video for Faith, describing his family history including mentions of Douglas "The Colonel," Hope, Nikki and others.

He finishes by assuring her that he loves her.

Nikki and Kay gather Victoria, Nick and Adam. Nikki then calls Victor to come make their announcement with her. At "Restless Style" offices, Billy gets to work on a cover story about Deacon, Victoria and J.T.

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